Brands that have trusted us

Brands that have trusted us

What do we do?

It is not always possible to bring all participants together in one place. Hosting a remote event also allows you to build brand awareness among employees you only “meet” via the Internet on a daily basis, and partners who cannot make it to the congress or gala you are organising. The possibility of extending the event with a remote participation option is now a standard that helps even those who would not otherwise be able to participate in the event. Using technology and the relevant subcontractors, we will ensure that your event is organised in a fully professional manner. An extremely important aspect of online events is the possibility for speakers to participate who would not be available during onsite events. We will assist you in the complex production of the registration system and online platform for remote participants.

Ensuring appropriate technology

The foundation of a good online event is the technical reliability. We will ensure the right tools are available to minimise the risk of any unwanted issues almost to zero.

Production of a dedicated platform

We will handle the production of a dedicated platform for the event, which will become its distinctive feature. Together we will customise its layout and design, which will be compatible with the key visual of the event.

Production and handling of the registration system

A properly set up registration system will enable everyone to take part in your event remotely. We provide full support for it at all organisational stages.

Implementation of a payment system

If you are planning to organise a ticketed event, we will help you find your way through the meanderings of online payments and make sure it runs smoothly.

Full technical support including remote speaker training

When organising an online event, we guarantee its full technical support. Furthermore, we will provide in-depth training for all speakers who are to make their speeches remotely.

Adapting the course of the event to the online audience

The guests in front of the screens are just as important as those sitting in the auditorium, we are aware. We will adjust the flow of the event to make it relevant to both groups.

A well-organised event is a great delight for both guests and organisers. Thanks to our extensive experience in producing events with an audience of several thousand in the form of remote attendance, we can help you produce an event that everyone will remember for a long time and look forward to the next one.

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Why should you choose us?

Being experts in event organisation, we understand the responsibility that rests on the shoulders of every organiser. Regardless of the scale of the event and its purpose, we offer:


Everyday professionalism

The best results are achieved by entrusting work to specialists who know how to work most effectively.

Concept development

From goal-setting to substantive content, each stage requires special attention.

Technical perfection

Choosing the right sound system, lighting or multimedia tools are key steps to success.

Time management

Deadlines can be merciless. An efficient event agency will help you adhere to them.

Why do you need an event agency?

Organising an event is not only about creativity, but also about precise coordination and advanced technology. Every decision is crucial – from the concept to the implementation technique.

We will become your guide in the world of events

When you are on a mountain trek, full of unpredictable challenges, it is worth having a guide. The role of a guide in the world of event organisation is being played by an experienced event agency. Together with us, you will go through every stage of organisation with confidence.


every day

The best results are achieved by entrusting the work to specialists who know how to act most effectively.


From setting goals to substantive content – each stage requires special attention.


Choosing the right sound system, lighting, or multimedia tools are key steps to success.


Deadlines can be merciless. An efficient event agency will help you adhere to them.

How can we help you?

No matter at which point in the organisational process you are – whether you have just developed a concept or are fine-tuning the last details – we are here to help you.

Individual Approach

Our creative team will advise you on the tools and format of the event that will be most apt to achieve your goal.

Professional Advice

Our managers, relying on their experience, will show you the best solutions during meetings with partners and site visits.

Logistics support

We are with you every step of the way to ensure that your event looks exactly as you dreamed it.


I had the pleasure of working with Kacper in organising a Scientific Symposium where I was the substantive host for the day. His professionalism and commitment and, above all, his creative approach to problem solving is what I remember from our collaboration.

Tomasz Brzostowski, Vice President Modern Business Services,
Hitachi Vantara

Working with RESTart Event, is a guarantee of professionalism and the top quality production of an event at an express pace.

Emilia Gwiazdonik, Senior specialist, Water Communication and Education Team,
National Water Management Authority

We have commissioned RESTart Event to provide a comprehensive organisation of one of our hybrid conferences. They are a team you can absolutely trust and delegate the creation and conception of the event. They take on every challenge, even at the last minute, and the results are always great.

Rafał Sułkowski, Chairman of the Board,
Lesser Poland Social Economy Fund

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